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Growing up, founder of Buck Springs Water, Bobby Shellhammer, was destined to be an entrepreneur. From raising cattle to rice farming and everything in between, Bobby did whatever needed to be done to support his wife, Aline, and four sons, Randy, Terry, Todd, and Brady.

For leisure, the family would travel to the Hill Country to hunt and camp, often times bringing back water they’d collected from the springs on the land. The family loved the purity and freshness of the water and that’s where Bobby’s idea to experiment with bottling water came into play. He wanted to give people the taste of natural, pure, spring fed water straight from the earth and so he started searching for land that provided this source.

In the early 80s, he experimented with his first bottled water distribution center in Utopia, Tx, but that only lasted a short span. It wasn’t until around 1984, after hearing about Jasper, The Jewel of the Forest, that he finally found it! He found the spring he’d been looking for. Water samples proved his taste buds were right! The spring was pure. It was natural. It was fresh, crisp, and clean.

In 1986, Buck Springs was established and the spring has been running strong and clear ever since.

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